These are very quick and very dirty recordings of some tunes I play. They're probably good enough to learn the tunes from. Enjoy.

Eanach Mhic Coilin, played on whistle (CRE2)
Man Of the House, Em, played on harmonica
The Drunken Landlady, Em, played on harmonica
Last Night's Fun, D, played on guitar
another version of Last Night's Fun, D, played on guitar
Scotch Mary, Am, guitar
Sporting Paddy, A modal, played on guitar
Mulqueen's, D/A, guitar
Little Beggarman, A, guitar

Strike the Gay Harp/Wasn't She Fond Of Me/Christy Barry's #1 - the three as a set, played on whistle.
Old John's Jig, Am, guitar
Banks Of Loch Gowna, Bm, guitar
Paddy's Return, D, guitar
Strike the Gay Harp, D, whistle
Wasn't She Fond Of Me, Am, whistle
Pull The Knife and Stick it Again, Em, whistle
Christy Barry's #1, G, whistle
Donnybrook Fair, G, guitar
Kitty's Rambles, D, guitar
Jig Of Slurs, D/Em, guitar
(included for completeness, disregard Dick Gossip's tagged on the end of Jig Of Slurs. I'll replace this recording at my first opportunity.)

The Peacock's Feather, Dm, guitar

Ryan's, D, harmonica
Glenside, Em, harmonica